The goal of the scouting phase is to maximise the number of startups applying to the programme through various outreach tools and methods.

Due Diligence

All applicants go through a due diligence process to make sure they meet with the programme criteria. This  allows the team to create a filtered list of high potential startups.



A deepdive with startups to access how well suited they are for the programme based on their team, business, goals and expectations.

Startup Evaluation

Startups are evaluated through a criteria that filters high potential applicants to the final cohort.

KPI Setting

Startups come together with the programme team to set clear objectives and deliverables to be achieved with clearly defined success metrics and KPIs.


Communications Plan

A communications plan is vital to keep keep startups informed and engaged before and throughout the programme. It typically takes form in a series of emails containing key instructions and information that is covered during kick-off sessions. 

Onboarding Startups

Startups are onboarded through a kick-off presentation hosted by the programme director. The aim of this session is to introduce startups to the Rainmaking / SBC team and one another, as well as get an overview of programme phases and tools. 


Market Readiness

This module helps startups to understand their target market and how to operate there, including investor, talent and commercial landscapes. More broadly, it also prepares startups for expansion sprints, ensuring they are better placed to take advantage of opportunities identified.

Customer Development Sprint

This sprint focuses on speaking to customers and potential partners in order to validate the desirability of the startups’ solution for the target market.

Market Expansion

This module is a customised expansion validation sprint, for selected high potential startups. It will focus on designing PoCs, pilot experiments and minimum viable concepts with customers and commercial collaborators in the target market, and building connections with the local investor community.


Onboarding Team

New joiners are provided with support guides to get set up and get familiar with the tools we use.

Project Folders

Check out what expansion programmes we’ve run in the past.