Guidance for Negotiating Key & Sensitive Clauses

Teams are empowered to negotiate contracts as makes the most sense for their regions. We encourage everyone involved in contract negotiation to read this document as it draws on significant experience globally to outline the most important clauses, and limits to where we typically would and wouldn’t give way. 

Creative Lab Service Agreement (Template)

This template, based on the proposal put forward to BHG in 2020, includes: 

  • Standard Clauses
  • Schedule 1 (outlines opportunity mapping, decarb platform, CPP and venture validation)
  • Schedule 2 (payment schedule)

Long Form Mutual NDA

Heads up: this NDA is jurisdiction-neutral. If you need someone specific to a certain region, check if one already exists with that region’s COO. 

Opportunity Mapping

Statement of Work template.

Opportunity Mapping + Venture Collaboration

Statement of Work Template. 

Startup Pilot Studio

Statement of Work template.