Statement of Work

When kicking off a new Opportunity Mapping project, always ask your team or COO for a copy of the Statement of Work. Familiarising with this will help you keep on track (and spot opportunities to add der wow faktor!) during delivery. You can read an example Opportunity Mapping SoW below.

P2P Learning

Follow the links below to watch the recording of Miles & Vish’s internal introduction to how the strategy team delivers new O.M. projects. 

You can browse the full library of internal P2P sessions here

Assessment Methods

Curious to know how we assess different opportunity spaces? Here’s a deck from the strategy team that outlines some of our evaluation approaches. 

Project Hub

Otherwise known as the beating heart of any Opportunity Mapping project.

The Project Hub was developed by the UK Strategy Team as a way to manage all information that goes into final deliverables produced at each stage of opportunity mapping. The link below takes you to a real example, used in delivery for National Grid.

Feel free to duplicate & reuse this document for your own OM projects.

Project Deliverables

Following on from the Project Hub example, you can browse documents used and created by the UK Strategy Team in delivering National Grid’s Opportunity Map by clicking the link below.

Still curious?

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