Intro to Scoping & Venture Validation

Read the overview to understand the context in which our teams scope and validate ventures. You’ll also find a slide that breaks down differences in each teams’ approach.

Read the process guide to understand the types of questions we seek to answer during scoping and venture validation. This is a global overview, and should be supported by guidance on your team’s specific process.

P2P Learning

We regularly run P2P learning sessions between different RMI teams – if you’d like to host or request a session, contact Christine.

🇬🇧 Scoping: 78 79

Now known as 78 79, this venture was green lit in partnership with Anglo American in late 2020. 

78 79 is a B2C jewellery investment platform with a value proposition similar to Mene.

🇬🇧 Scoping: Gyro

This venture was green lit in partnership with Bunzl in 2021. 

Gyro is a circular, reusable packaging service which will first focus on the German market. 

🇬🇧 Scoping: Koniku

This venture idea was killed after three weeks of scoping in 2021.

It was not a typical starting point, as the studio was invited to respond to an RfP process. This project is strictly confidential, please treat accordingly.

🇩🇰Scoping: Paint Project

One of the latest ideas to come from the CPH Studio, Flügger has joined as the corporate partner for an acceleration phase in H2 2021 (this is the CPH team’s rough equivalent to validation phase).

🇩🇰Scoping & Validation: Heap

Heap is a D2C digital-first pension solution for gig workers and freelancers in Denmark.

🇸🇬 Validation: SustainAtom

SustainAtom offers financial incentives (preferential supply chain financing) for suppliers to reduce their carbon emissions through implementing ENGIE’s low-carbon asset-based solutions.

🇸🇬 Validation: Tech-enabled PPA Advisory

This project pre-dates APAC’s investment note approach, so all of the end-of-validation stage information is presented in one document. Can you see how the new investment note + pitch deck approach makes it easier for stakeholders to digest venture opportunities? 

You can also view the underlying financial model here

Continued Professional Development

Rainmaking Learning: This online course has introductions to best practice lean startup and venture building techniques including customer development, experiment design and rapid prototyping. Login at 

ASPIRE: this guided 20-week programme takes your idea testing to MVP. Venture builders have ‘open access’ to the platform, which means you can drop in and out of different weeks to find tools & resources most relevant to your team based on the stage of your idea’s development. 

Other: For inspiration about learning opportunities, ask your colleagues what they’ve found helpful in their careers. If you’d like company support to take an external short course, attend a conference, or engage a coach, speak with your manager.