Using a Common Language

A glossary is necessary for new joiners, startups and partners to pick up the common venture building terms used, which is imperative for mutual understanding and ease of communication.

Process Overview

This is your one-stop shop guide for an end-to-end process of a typical 6-month venture building process, miro templates and resources to conduct workshops with corporate partners.

Global Guide to Scoping and Venture Validation

A global overview of processes, resources and key deliverables from Rainmaking’s scoping and venture validation projects.

Capability Development Matrix

A resource for identifying personal strengths and areas of improvement to guide learning, development, and career progression.

Building a Venture Team

This playbook consists of steps a newly-formed venture team can take to understand each other’s ways of working.

Venture-Founder Alignment Workshop

A venture-founder alignment workshop is meant to define preliminary founder persona for the project and align on recruitment process and responsibilities across all parties.