Venture Kick-Off

A venture kick-off is meant to introduce the working team, review objectives, timelines and milestones for the project. It is also important to align on ways of working, communication preferences and discuss the hypothesis for the project.

Venture KPI Workshop

A Venture KPI workshop is conducted with partners to align on what delivery excellence would look like for the venture.

Business Model Environment

A Business Model Environment to analysis helps people map their environment’s forces in a structured and tangible way. This tool is often used during strategic conversations to raise awareness on environmental forces that will affect the development of a business model.

Customer Development

The customer development framework helps teams to really understand if their product or product idea meets the needs of the target user. As a result, products made using a customer development framework are tailored to their ideal audience more effectively where only the most valuable products and features make it to market.

Customer Insights Database

This database logs the insights gathered from past projects, interviews and experiments.

Preliminary Advisory Board

The Preliminary Advisory Board’s objective is to confirm recommended focus area, discuss potential partner’s alignment with focus area and explore corporate resources to support venture team and development.