Learn, build and launch value-generating startups

Our Corporate Entrepreneurship Programme gives internal teams the knowledge, skills and specialist support they need to take viable ideas to market.

Accelerated learning and real results, all in just 20 weeks.

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20 teams. 20 weeks. Here’s what to expect.

20/20 is an intensive training programme – a sort of mini MBA – designed for corporate teams who want to launch startups, internally.

Our coaches and mentors help teams to identify and generate the right ideas, faster. All the while, elimiating non-viable ideas before they can impact time and resource.

The course includes approximatley approximately 30 days of face-to-face learning, within a dedicated training environment. Here, teams have access to world-class expertise and get to absorb cross-industry knowledge and best-practice within a diverse cohort.

For the remainder of the course, there’s a rigorous schedule of remote-mentoring and further training, with support from our state-of-the-art Digital Learning platform.

Our Approach

We start by working with you to identify challenge areas that the business wants to explore. Having agreed the scope, we help identify the right team/s to go forward.

Then the Discovery and Experiment Lab begins. 11 weeks to validate the customer need, testing for viable business models.

Only the best ideas go forward to the Accelerate Lab where teams will soft launch their products in market, aiming to generate sales before they pitch for investment to scale their business.

Cross-Industry Learning

The programme is shared by diverse corporate teams, representing different industries. Our dedicated workspaces in Copenhagen, London, Oslo and Singapore are designed to help teams get the most out of the programme, and each other. The spaces provide access to a global startup network.

By creating a collaborative cohort, teams share the wins, learn from each other’s mistakes, absorb cross-industry knowledge and have the support of their peers as they take on new challenges.

See Real Results

By setting a clear scope and focus at the outset, we help you define what success looks like.

The approach we design for the teams, and the speed at which they are expected to work, is all about generating the insights, data and confidence to build ideas that deliver real results.

The benefits of the programme

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we know the opportunities, as well as the challenges better than most. Our programme is a fast way to embed some of this entrepreneurial DNA into your organisation.

Faster to market

Unlock growth by developing new business models and technology to reach new customers faster

Maximise ROI

Invest in the ideas that demonstrate proven market potential

Cross sector best practise

Profit from the knowledge and expertise of a range of other industries and sectors

Mindset and skillset

Retain and develop talent with the knowledge and skills that future proof their careers


“Let us show you how to create value-generating startups.”


Sabine VanderLinden – Partner, Rainmaking


Why now?

The Corporate Entrepreneurship programme provides the perfect environment to kickstart or reinvigorate your internal innovation activities.

  • If you’ve run some hackathons, created an innovation lab or even partnered with universities, but you’re not yet creating substantial new value, its time to challenge existing processes
  • Empower your internal customer advocates to create new relevant and emotive products and services to drive growth
  • Innovation can’t happen in a bubble; progressive insurers are turning innovation into a support function empowering change by introducing new skills and fast track programmes

Approach & timeline

The 20 week programme is broken down into 5 key stages designed to focus the teams on the right activity at the right time.

& Ideation

2 days

A 48 hour, immersive, high energy, idea generation event designed to push creative thinking, problem solving and address real customer needs and organisational pain points.

Discovery & Experiment Lab

10 weeks

Teams will be learning how to conduct meaningful customer interviews to identify customer pain points & test the fundamental value of proposition; simultaneously assessing the competitive landscape, key industry and market trends and sizing the market to ensure ideas are commercially viable.

Accelerator Selection Day

1 day

This is where teams will be pitching to progress to final stage of the programme. Teams will need to clearly demonstrate they have found a large enough customer need that they believe they can solve and how they will use the Acceleration Lab to test their idea and aim to secure paying customers over the next 8 weeks.


8 weeks

Teams are connected with highly applicable mentors, partners, and investors in their industry for 1:1 mentoring and targeted masterclasses in applying engines of growth, leadership training, building an MVP, Sales and Marketing.

Demo Day

1 day

Where teams showcase what they have achieved over the course of the programme and pitch for further investment to scale the business and begin to unlock new revenue and growth.

Open programmes in 4 cities

20/20 is run out of multiple cities globally.


Q1 2020


Q1 2020


Q1 2020


Q2 2020

Team & coaches

Experienced entrepreneurs & intrapreneurs

Our teams have deep experience of building new ventures inside corporates and startups, and our experts have a long track-record in coaching early stage startup teams to achieve growth.

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About us

A programme delivered by Rainmaking, the creator of Startupbootcamp

Rainmaking is a venture builder and innovation consultancy assisting large corporates in their innovation strategy, startup engagements, venture building and internal innovation efforts. Startupbootcamp, one of Rainmaking’s ventures, supports early-stage tech founders to rapidly scale their companies by providing direct access to an international network of the most relevant mentors, partners, and investors in their industry.