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Service Agreements come in two segments:

  1. Clauses: these are the standard clauses we include in every first version of the contract put forward to clients. It’s normal for clients to request amendments to these clauses during contracting stage. See “Key & sensitive clauses” for guidance on negotiation.
  2. Schedule(s) or statements of work. Take care to ensure the Schedule(s) are adapted to accurately reflect the proposal in question. The Sales Lead (or COO who’s been included in proposal development) is well placed to draft schedules of service.

Good to know

  1. Local teams are empowered to adapt both Clauses and Schedules based on negotiation with clients.
  2. If in doubt or uncertain of the impact of any changes, please speak to Alicia


Guidance for negotiating key & sensitive clauses

Read me!

This template includes:

  • Standard Clauses
  • Schedule 1 (outlines opportunity mapping, decarb platform, CPP and venture validation)
  • Schedule 2 (payment schedule)

Creative Lab Service Agreement

Long form mutual NDA

Neutral jurisdiction

Example SoW

Opportunity Mapping

Example SoW

Startup Pilot Studio

Example SoW

Opportunity Mapping + Venture Collaboration

Here to help…

Training session: contracting

Delivered by Alicia M. Scroll down to Training #7

Pro forma contract (venture collaboration)

With thanks to the APAC team for sharing

Real venture collaboration agreement (inc. statement of work)

Engie Factory 2021 x APAC Team