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People & Culture

This page contains resources intended to support:


Your Learning Journey

These resources are for individuals and have been created to support your onboarding & continued development.


Tools for Managers

These resources are for managers and have been created to support you in leading the people on your team.


Awareness of global P&C initiatives 

This document provides an overview of key P&C initiatives & associated points of contact. Feel free to contact an initiative’s owner if you’d to learn more and/or contribute to future activity. Please contact your local Partner, COO or culture champion if you’d like to pitch a new initiative.

Your Learning Journey

Culture Book

Explore the foundation that Rainmaking was built on, our values and ways of working

People Book

Get introduced to current and former Rainmakers and their journey through different roles in the company

Your MIR Plan

Our framework for inspiring reflection and starting a conversation about your development in Rainmaking

Learning Journey

Overview of the fundamental stepping stones you can use to shape your learning journey

Career Development

An introduction to our view on career development and some of the opportunities we offer for your professional growth

The Rainmaking Way

A guide to inspire your journey in becoming a true ambassador for the Rainmaking culture

Rainmaking Learning

Training modules on a innovation basics like Lean Startup and Experiment Design

Online Onboarding

A variety of online modules introducing Rainmaking, who we are and what we do

Tools for Managers

1:1s Manager’s Guide

A framework and question bank for great 1:1 conversations

MIR Manager’s Guide

A framework for kickstarting value-adding development conversations

Online Manager’s Training

Learning modules on topics such as OKRs, communication, recruitment and remote leadership.


Training and guides on how to set clear and inspiring goals for you team

Peakon Guide

Training and guides on how to access data, address the team’s feedback and take action

Long Term Leave Guide

Guidance for managers when someone on your team takes long term leave


Recruitment Tool: Lever

Guide and video tutorials on how to use our Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Best Practice: Hiring Process

A collection of guides on recruitment for non-recruiters, from strategic planning to practical execution of the hiring process

Best Practice: Job Descriptions

Advice and templates for creating awesome job ads

Best Practice: Interviews

Plan clear & structured interviews to increase hiring efficiency

Offer Letters & Onboarding

Checklists and templates helping create a smooth onboarding process for new hires

Candidate Assessment

Examples of scorecards to ensure a clear candidate profile and consistent evaluations